Photo Tour of the Mosquitia

CACRC Ethno-Mapping Project 1997

Reviewing maps, Alamikangban, Río Prinzapolka

Jimmy Emery illustrating Miskitu history with maps, Limbaikan, Río Prinzapolka, 1997

Mapping boundaries, Ulwas, Río Wangki

GPS work near Limbaikan, Río Prinzapolka

Recuerdos de Bluefields postcards, circa 1900-1910
(Category added November 2012)

Wanks steamship

Landing bananas on the Wawashan River

India Mosquita, Cabo Gracias á Dios

Landing at Cuicuina

The Bluff

Bluefields from water

Miskito Indian girls at wooden mortar

Sumu Indians

Timber hunters, mahogany camps

Corn Island beach

Indios Sumu de Wani

Miskito Indian girls pressing sugar cane

Community of Wasakin, Río Bambana

Moravian church, Wasakin, 1940s, W. Wenger Collection

Moravian church, Wasakin, 1950s, K. Nowack Collection

Moravian church, Wasakin, 1997

Moravian congregation, Wasakin, 1995

Wasakin smiles, 1995

Farming in the rain forest, Wasakin, 1995

Transporting mahogany, Wasakin, 1995

Hauling mahogany, Wasakin, 1996

Harvesting yucca, Wasakin, 1996

The deer hunter, Wasakin, 1996

Aerial Wasakin, 1996

William M. Denevan Collection, 1957
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San Carlos store, Río San Juan

San Carlos from Río San Juan

Raft of logs, Río San Juan

Greytown street

Greytown abandoned

Greytown houses

Greytown house

The southernmost American pine in the northern hemisphere, Greytown

Greytown church

William Denevan in front of abandoned church, Greytown

El Cocal houses, SE Nicaragua

El Cocal beach, SE Nicaragua

Río Indio, SE Nicaragua

Bill Denevan with Harry Brautigam as a young boy on Río Indio, El Cocal, SE Nicaragua


Bluefields church

Bluefields house

Wing Wang Co., Bluefields

Making the Rama Road

Rama Road

Lady with picture of Jesus, Rama Road

Puerto Cabezas


Bonanza overview

Bonanza street

William Denevan, Bilwaskarma

Bilwaskarma dam

Ulwas kids, Río Coco

Historical Mosquitia: 1840s - 1929

Map of settler land claims, 1840s, PRO London

King Robert Henry Clarence and court, ca 1893, Feldballe

Map of Moravian missions, 1899, Schneider

Bluefields after fire of 1903

'Chief' Andrew Hendy, Rayapura, Río Wangki, 1905

Conference of Moravian missionaries, ca. 1905

Río Bambana rapids, 1905, Moravian Archives Collection

Etching of Cape Gracias, 1907, Moravian Archives Collection

Prinzapolka ca. 1912

Karawala congregation, 1920s

Karawala, 1922

Karawala, early 1920s

Musawas, 1920s, Moravian Archives Collection

San Carlos family, 1920s

Sukia women of the Río Wangki, 1920s

Tasbapauni, 1920

U.S. Marines in Wangki rapids, 1920s, USMA

Bonanza, 1920s

Eden Mine (Bonanza), 1920s

Mission house, Cape Gracias á Dios, 1929

U.S. Marines, upper Río Wangki, late 1920s, USMA

Wasla outdoor missionary school, 1929

Yawaltara depot, Eden Mine, Río Tunki, 1920s

Dental work, Río Wangki, 1920s

Moravian evangelism, Río Grande, 1920s

Moravian Missionaries, 1920s, Moravian Archives Collection

Historical Mosquitia: 1930s - 1970s

Wahamlaya, lower Río Wangki, 1930

Reverend and Mrs. Watson, Río Wangki, 1930s

Patriotic exercises, Bluefields, 1934

Costeño orphan boys, Bluefields, 1930s

Aerial Puerto Cabezas, 1940s, Robinson Collection

NIPCO mill, Puerto Cabezas, 1940s, Robinson Collection

Banana barge, Río Wangki, 1940s, W. Wenger Collection

Aerial Puerto Cabezas, 1950s, Robinson Collection

Mahogany, Río Wawa, 1950s, Robinson Collection

Making tunu bark cloth, Musawas, 1950s, K. Nowack Collection

Poling up Río Bambana to Wasakin service, 1950s, K. Nowack Collection

The Miskitu Crown, Sandy Bay, ca. mid-1950s, W. Wenger Collection

Making a pipante, Bonanza, 1960s, K. Nowack Collection

La Tronquera, early 1960s, Robinson Collection

Shooting rapids, Río Waspuk, 1960s, K. Nowack Collection

Triple wedding, Musawas, 1960s, K. Nowack Collection

Displaying the king's scepter, Kum, 1970s

Mosquitia 1994 - 1997
(Updated November 2012)

Ana Rosa Fagoth with her two brothers, Bilwi 1996

Children, Bilwi

Grandma with her grandchildren, Bilwi

Houses upon the sea at low tide, Bilwi

Market ladies and their crops, Bilwi

Boise Patterson, Bilwi 1995

CIDCA Team, 1995

Communal bean harvest (pana pana)

Crossing the Río Coco

Girl waiting on sacks

Jaguar Pelt, Bilwi

Jaguar and Ocelot Pelts, Bilwi

Looking up the Río Coco from San Carlos

Mayfish in Cart, Bilwi

Mayfish in Cart, Close-up, Bilwi

Monroe with Staff at CIDCA, 1995

Moravian Church, Agricola, Río Prinzapolka

Moravian Church, Bilwi

Moravian Church on Savanna near Bilwi

Moravian Church, San Carlos Río Coco, front view

Mother on Bike, Bilwi 1995

Old Alamikangban Church

Poling along Río Coco

Public Transportation on Río Coco, San Jeronimo, 1996

Río Coco at Dawn, Waspam

Río Coco overview

Sea Men Bar, Bilwi

Woman in Pitpan, Río Coco

Wrigley plant remains, Waspam, 1994

Sukawala Asamblea General Mayangna, Colombiana, 1995

Mayangna kids in a pipante, Colombiana, 1995

Bean harvest pana pana, San Jeronimo, Río Wangki, 1996

Cattle on savanna after fire, 1996

King pulanka dance, Krukira, 1996

King Pulanka, Krukira, 1996

Moravian church, Twappi, 1996

Road to Bilwaskarma, 1996

Shucking beans, San Jeronimo, Río Wangki,1996

Summer farming along the Río Wangki, 1996

Girl with doll, Yulu, 1997

Miskitu flag, Bilwi, 1997

School, Tuskru Sirpi, Río Wangki, 1997

Young students, Saupuka, Río Wangki, 1997

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